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Where Can I Buy Snuff?

Recap: Snuff is a smokeless tobacco product in dry, moist, and creamy forms. It is widely available in the UK, and you can buy it at your local tobacco shop or purchase it online.

What is snuff?

Snuff is a smokeless tobacco product made from varieties of finely-ground tobacco leaves. The tobacco used to make snuff must be allowed to age for at least two years. After that, it undergoes the fermentation process twice to release its rich flavours and aromas.

There are three forms of snuff – dry snuff, moist snuff, and cream snuff – and all three types are used differently.

Dry snuff

Dry snuff is inhaled through the nose to deliver instant nicotine hits. There are three elements to consider when buying snuff – moisture, grind, and flavour. Dry snuff is available in three textures or grinds: fine, medium, and coarse. The more finely ground the snuff is, the more intense and instant the snuffing experience, so it’s highly recommended that novice snuffers begin with the coarser varieties.

moist snuff

Moist snuff

There are three moist or “wet” snuff types: snuff, chewing, and dipping tobacco. All three are placed in the mouth to deliver nicotine. Moist snuff produces a lot of saliva laden with nicotine, which the user has to keep spitting.

Snus is a Swedish variety of moist snuff placed between the gums and upper lip. Once it has delivered its flavour and nicotine hit, the user discards it. Snus is available in loose form and tiny sachets.

Chewing tobacco is available in plugs, pellets, leaves, and loose forms. It is flavoured, can be sweetened, and must be chewed to release nicotine. Once its flavour finishes, the user discards it instead of swallowing it.

Dipping tobacco comprises loose or ground-up tobacco leaves. Users take a pinch and put it between their cheeks and gums. It then releases nicotine and produces excess saliva, which users either swallow or spit out.

Creamy snuff

Pasty snuff is available in toothpaste-like tubes and is used by rubbing on the gums with a finger or toothbrush. Like chewing and dipping tobacco, this form requires the user to spit out the excess saliva.

nicotine pouches

Tobacco-less products similar to snuff

In recent years, tobacco-alternative products have gained immense popularity. These tobacco-less products deliver the desired nicotine hit without using any form of tobacco. The aim of eliminating tobacco is to reduce the risks associated with it.

Vapes and e-cigarettes have replaced cigarettes. Similarly, nicotine pouches are now replacing snus among many users.

Nicotine pouches offer nicotine hits with blends of flavours without a trace of tobacco, which is their great benefit. In addition, they don’t stain your teeth like using actual tobacco does. In addition, they don’t require you to spit, and you can use them discreetly.

Nicotine pouches come in various flavours, sizes, and nicotine strengths. Vont is one of the high-end reduced-risk nicotine product brands that has developed slim-fit nicotine pouches that cause minimal to no protrusion around the mouth. Their flavours include Juicy Berry, Fresh Mint, and Sweet Melon.

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Where to buy snuff in the UK

Snuff is widely available in the UK, but we suggest trying nicotine pouches instead. Try Vont nicotine pouches today!