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What Is Snus? Everything You Need To Know

Recap: Snus is a smokeless alternative that is comprised of tobacco leaves, sodium carbonate, and water in small white pouches.

While vape manufacturers continue to think of new, more complex kits and mods, the smokeless tobacco industry grows in popularity. The rise of complicated e-cigs and vapes has left many consumers reeling. Smokeless tobacco alternatives such as snus represent an easier, less time-consuming way to ingest nicotine.

These popular pouches have millions of fans worldwide, and manufacturers have to work hard to meet customer demand. But what is snus? And where does it come from?

What Is in Snus?

loose-leaf snuff

Snus is a popular form of smokeless tobacco. Consumers ingest the nicotine in this product orally, by absorbing it through the mucous membrane that covers their gums.

Most smokers will recognise the small, distinct pouches that snus comes in. These small, wide pouches are packed full of tobacco leaves.

Sodium carbonate and water accompany the tobacco leaves. Sodium carbonate is usually used as an additive in food. In snus products, it increases the pH of the pouch to make tobacco leaves more bioavailable. In simple terms, it allows consumers to absorb more nicotine.

Where Does Snus Come From?

Believe it or not, snus has a rich history around the globe. Over the years, it has taken lots of forms and passed through many hands.

Its predecessor is called snuff. Snuff is often referred to as the dry version of snus. As far back as Columbus’ trip to Haiti, people inhaled snuff to get a nicotine kick. From the 1400s to the 1800s, snuff grew in popularity so much that it was a staple in Parisian courts.

Eventually, Swedes started putting a pinch of snuff between their lips and teeth. The snus that we know today began to take form.

Snus exploded in the 1800s in Sweden. Petter Swartz, J.A. Boman, and Ettan, Ljunglöfs Ettan are just a few of the popular snus brands from the time. By then, snus was still just loose leaf tobacco. It was not until the 1970s that Swedish manufacturers began putting the tobacco in pouches. This change ushered in a new wave of popularity, and snus soon became emblematic of Sweden.

Read our 2022 UK Snus Guide for a more in-depth look into the origin of snus.

What Is Snus Used For?

So, what is snus used for?

Snus is by far one of the easiest, most hassle-free ways to ingest nicotine. It is one of the first choices for consumers who want to transition to smokeless tobacco. Snus gives consumers a nicotine kick.

Many snus manufacturers also inject their pouches with a range of flavourings. Consumers can expect a broad array of flavour profiles. Summer sensations, refreshing twists, and traditional tastes are all available.

How Do I Use Snus?

placing a snus pouch

It has never been easier to get a nicotine kick. Consumers pinch a snus pouch between their fingers and place it between their lips and gums. The pouch will hold itself in place. Then, consumers wait for the nicotine to take effect.

How Long Does It Take for Snus Pouches to Work?

Many consumers report feeling a tingling sensation at around the five-minute mark. When your gums start to tingle, nicotine has entered your system. Of course, it could take a little longer for snus to work.

The amount of time that it takes for snus to work depends on a lot of factors. If you have chosen pouches that have a weaker nicotine strength than you are used to, you might struggle to experience a significant nicotine hit. Snus pouches also have less of an impact if they are not lodged flush against gums.

Who Is Snus For?

People from every demographic love snus. Snus pouches combine ease of use with a definite nicotine hit. They are also much less obtrusive than typical nicotine products. Whereas cigarette users have to consume their nicotine under the watchful eye of the public, snus users can simply pop a pouch in and go about their day.

Another popular alternative to snus pouches is vape kits. Consumers have to wade through endless articles and sources to find a vape kit that suits their needs. Then, they have to assemble the endless pieces of vape paraphernalia and worry about maintaining each piece. That is all before even mentioning tank refills, which can be time-consuming and messy.

Snus is for anyone, but it is especially popular amongst busy individuals. Students, professionals, and travellers alike delight in this hassle-free smokeless alternative.

Where Can I Buy Snus?

Two of the most common questions that customers ask us are what is snus and where can I buy it. Unfortunately, snus is not available for purchase in the UK. In 1992, the UK government passed The Tobacco for Oral Use (Safety) Regulations, which banned oral tobacco products.

Snus fans in the UK can legally purchase and consume snus, but retailers cannot sell snus. The ban does not present too many difficulties for people who prefer this smokeless form of tobacco, because consumers can have a very similar experience with nicotine pouches.

What Are Nicotine Pouches?

Vont pouches

When snus pouches were banned in the UK, there was a gap in the market for an oral smokeless nicotine product. Manufacturers worked hard to create a similar hassle-free pouch that complied with UK tobacco laws. They came up with nicotine pouches.

These pouches comply with The Tobacco for Oral Use (Safety) Regulations because they do not contain tobacco leaves. They contain nicotine and plant fibres or a small amount of gum base.

Just like snus pouches, nicotine pouches are designed to slot between the lips and gums. Once installed, the mucous membrane over the gums will absorb the nicotine in the pouch.

Dive Into Flavour With Vont Nicotine Pouches

When you choose Vont, you can expect seamless, stylish products. Our nicotine pouches are no exception.

Our customers can choose from three distinct flavour profiles. Sweet Melon delivers a tangy bust of summer sweetness, Juicy Berry invites users to indulge in complex bitter and tart tones, and Fresh Mint evokes a classic, refreshing flavour.