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What Does Snus Do for Footballers

Recap: Snus helps footballers relax before a game by easing feelings of tension and anxiety. It also helps improve their on-pitch performance by increasing their concentration and energy levels.

There’s a new trend in the footballing world that doesn’t have anything to do with passing or scoring goals. Rather it involves the use of a substance called Snus. Recently, some of the biggest names in football have turned to Snus to help them relax and improve their game on the pitch.

This begs the question, “What is Snus?” And more importantly, what does it do for footballers specifically?

Well, let’s take a look!

What is Snus, and how does it work?

Snus behind upper lip

Snus is a type of moist snuff that originates from Sweden. It’s made from tobacco that’s been ground up and mixed with water, salt, and other flavoring agents. However, unlike chewing tobacco, Snus is not spat out. Instead, users place it between their gum and upper lip, where it slowly dissolves and is absorbed into the bloodstream.

The nicotine in Snus provides a mild stimulant effect, helping users to feel more alert and focused. In small doses, it can also act as a relaxant, helping to ease tension and anxiety. This makes it ideal for use before or during sporting events when nerves can often get the better of even the most experienced athletes.

How are footballers using Snus?

Many footballers use Snus to help them focus and stay calm before matches. Some players have even been known to use it during games, popping a pouch of Snus between their gum and lip when they need an extra boost of energy or concentration.

And while there is not enough scientific evidence to suggest that Snus improves athletic performance, some players believe it helps them to play their best. In particular, it’s thought to help with decision-making and reaction time – two vital skills for any footballer.

Is Snus safe?

There is no conclusive evidence on the safety of Snus, as it is a relatively new product. However, it is generally considered to be much safer than smoking cigarettes, as there is no risk of inhaling tobacco smoke.

What’s more, because Snus is absorbed through the mucous membranes rather than the lungs, there’s little chance of harm to the respiratory system as opposed to smoking.

Of course, most snus pouches are still a form of tobacco product, so it’s not entirely risk-free. That’s why brands like Vont offer Nicotine Pouches, a safer alternative that can provide you with your nicotine requirements minus the tobacco, thereby eliminating the harmful effects of tobacco consumption.

Check out our complete guide on Snus to learn more about its safety.

What are the benefits of using Snus as a footballer?

There are a few potential benefits of using Snus as a footballer. These include:

  1. It’s less harmful than smoking cigarettes: While there isn’t much research to back this claim, several studies have shown that Snus is much less harmful than cigarettes. This is because Snus doesn’t involve combustion, so there’s no risk of exposure to the harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke.
  2. It can help you to focus and stay calm before matches: Football players that use Snus say it improves their focus and concentration. This could be because nicotine has a mild stimulating effect that helps to relieve tension and anxiety, which can be beneficial if you’re feeling nervous before a game.
  3. It’s less likely to cause stains: One of the main drawbacks of smoking cigarettes is that it can leave yellow stains on your teeth. However, because Snus is absorbed through the mucous membranes, there’s no risk of staining your teeth or causing other oral health problems.
  4. It can boost energy or concentration during games: Some players find that Snus can help improve their energy levels and concentration during games. This is primarily because of the mild stimulant effect of nicotine, which can help to sharpen your reflexes and reaction time.
  5. It’s less likely to cause bad breath: One of the main complaints about smoking cigarettes is that it can cause bad breath. This isn’t an issue with Snus, as the tobacco doesn’t come into contact with your teeth.
  6. It’s discreet: Snus is much less conspicuous than smoking cigarettes, as the tobacco is contained in a small pouch. This means that you can use it without drawing attention to yourself.
  7. It’s easy to use: Snus is easy to use and doesn’t need any special equipment or skills. All you need to do is place the pouch under your upper lip and leave it there for up to 30 minutes.

These are just some of the benefits of Snus. You can learn more about its benefits from our detailed UK Snus Guide.

How prevalent is snus use among footballers?


There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is no reliable data on the prevalence of snus use among footballers. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that it is becoming increasingly popular among players, particularly in Europe.

This is likely due to the perceived benefits of using Snus, as well as the fact that it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Moreover, players like Leicester’s Jamie Vardy and Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil have been photographed using Snus, which suggests that it’s being used by some of the top players in the world.


Snus is a great way for footballers to get an edge on the competition. It helps them focus and stay alert, and it’s been shown to help improve performance. Moreover, footballers have been using Snus for years, and there’s no indication that this trend will stop any time soon.

So, if you want to try Snus out for yourself, we recommend trying Nicotine pouches which are a much safer alternative. With so many flavours available, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. So why not give it a try? You might be surprised at how well it works for you.