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How Do Disposable Vapes Work?

Recap: Despite hundreds of disposable vapes being available on the market, all of them have the same internal elements. The battery fires the coil which heats and vaporises the e-liquid ready for inhalation.

Disposable vapes are the go-to choice for vapers who favour convenience. In recent years, complicated mods and accessories have taken centre-stage, but disposables still have a strong fan base. These unassuming devices deliver puff after puff of nicotine, and they do not compromise on flavour.

But exactly how do disposable vapes work? Are they just like advanced mods, but without the chunky exteriors? How do they compare to pod systems? In this article, our experts pick apart a typical disposable vape device piece by piece to explore how the mechanisms work together to deliver unforgettable vape hits.

What Are Disposable Vapes?

Vont To-Go disposable

Disposable vapes are straight to the point; the clue is even in the name. They are designed for convenience above all else, which means that every part is streamlined to save you time and energy.

Vapers who choose this kind of device never have to worry about e-liquid, charging, or maintenance. Each device is charged to full and filled with e-liquid. Most devices contain 2ml of e-liquid.

Although there are many disposable vape manufacturers and brands, most devices look similar. You can expect smooth handling and featureless exteriors. Holding a disposable vape is a lot like holding a cigarette, which is appealing to people who want to transition from smoking to vaping.

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Elements of Disposable Vapes

Do not let these small but mighty devices fool you. The slim, sleek exteriors conceal all the essential elements of a vape device. The inner mechanisms work in harmony to create flavourful puffs of vapour.

One of the most common questions that vapers ask is, ‘how do disposable vapes work?’ To better understand disposables, we have turned a typical device into a list of essential elements. Even the simplest disposable vape has a few essential components.

Disposable Vape Batteries

Every kind of disposable vape contains an internal battery. Disposables are pre-charged and designed to be disposed of when the e-liquid runs out, which means that there is no charging port for the battery.

Even beginner vapers will have heard of the term mAh. It stands for milliampere per, and it represents the amount of energy charge in a battery. Disposables favour convenience over longevity, which is why they have much smaller batteries than starter kits or pod systems. Most disposable vapes have a battery that is between 450mAh and 750mAh. Once the battery is dead, the device is no longer functional and you can throw it away or recycle it.

Disposable Vape E-liquid

Lots of Vont To Go

Disposable vape devices come pre-loaded full of your favourite vape juice. Most brands add 2ml of e-liquid to their devices, as this is the maximum amount allowed per device. Some brands refer to the e-liquid capsule in the device as a pod, whereas others refer to it as a tank.

Despite disposables being a convenient option, fans are not confined to a few standard flavours. Disposable vape manufacturers work hard to cater to the demand for unusual sensations and bold flavours. Common e-liquid flavours are centred around summertime sensations and traditional tastes.

Disposable Vape Coils

Coils are another essential element of disposable vapes. People who favour starter kits and sub-ohm kits have to pay close attention to the coils within their kits, and they even have the option of adding different coils to experiment with resistance, flavour, and vapour. Disposable vapes contain pre-installed coils, meaning there is not much scope for experimenting with different hits. However, most disposable vape fans appreciate the trade-off of not having to worry about coil maintenance.

The coil functions as the heating element within the device. It works in conjunction with the wicking material. The most common wicking material is cotton, but silica cord and stainless steel mesh are two other popular options.

The coil sits within the e-liquid tank. The main purpose of the wicking material is to absorb the e-liquid and make sure that the e-liquid is next to the coil. If the coil fires and there is no e-liquid nearby, the coil will burn and damage itself.

How Do the Elements Work Together?

someone smoking a disposable vape

Now that we know more about the separate elements, it is time to put them together to create a functional disposable vape.

Here is a breakdown of how the elements work together to create vapour.

  1. Vapers activate the battery by either pressing the fire button or drawing on the device.
  2. The battery sends a current to the coil.
  3. The coil fires and vaporises the e-liquid in the coil.
  4. The vapour travels through the device to the mouthpiece, ready for inhalation.

It really is that simple! The entire process happens in a matter of seconds.

Vont To-Go Disposables – Made With Convenience in Mind

Vont To-Go is the ultimate option for image-conscious vapers who want a device that slots into their lives. The To-Go device emulates all the most minimalist, hassle-free features of popular disposable vapes. Vapers can enjoy a smooth, button-free exterior that feels a lot like a chunky cigarette.

Like other disposables, Vont To-Go is pre-charged and pre-loaded with 2ml of e-liquid, so you do not have to worry about a thing. Gone are the days of reading long, frustrating instruction manuals. Take Vont To-Go out of its packaging, draw-activate the device, and enjoy flavourful clouds!

Start by simply choosing your favourite e-liquid. Sweet Mango is a popular choice amongst vapers who have a sweet tooth, whereas people who favour indulgent sensations favour Smooth Vanilla. Whichever flavour you choose, you can expect a hassle-free vape experience.