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Elf Bar 600 Vs Vont Disposable Review

Recap: Vont To-Go is better suited to minimalists who want sleek lines, easy handling, and more puffs than most disposable devices can offer. Elf Bar 600 is perfect for people who prefer a larger range of flavour profiles.

At a glance, all disposables might look the same. Take a second look, and you might realise that manufacturers have expanded the term ‘disposable’ to include a number of features. You can no longer expect a standard experience across the board.

Although Vont To-Go and Elf Bar 600 fall under the same umbrella term, they offer vastly different vape experiences. For this article, we have fine-tuned our eye for detail and compared these devices on design, handling, endurance, and flavour.

Features of Disposables

Vont disposable with the standard features labelled

In the world of disposables, convenience reigns supreme. You can expect a number of convenient features from these kinds of devices, which often lead to sleek, modern exteriors. It is not uncommon for disposables to have blemish-free shells.

Despite there not being a button in sight, disposables have a strong fan base. People from all over the UK depend on disposables for quick, satisfying nicotine hits. Most devices are draw-activated and, since they come pre-charged and pre-filled with vape juice, there is no need for boring set-ups and messy maintenance.

That being said, there is a lot of variation between disposable brands.

Read our UK Disposable Vape guide for more information about theses stylish devices.

Vont To-Go Vs Elf Bar 600 Specifications

Vont VS Elf Bar

Brand Overview

Vont was born in Sweden in 2019. We design, develop, and manufacture reduced-risk nicotine products. They are designed to support you in whatever you want to do. Want to experience a flavourful nicotine hit at work? Chat with friends without annoying them with cigarette smoke? Travel with an affordable, disposable device? No problem. If the terms ‘ease’ and ‘convenience’ feature in your search for a new disposable device, look no further.

Elf Bar was founded in China in 2018. This brand has quickly progressed up the ranks from obscurity to mainstream popularity. The smart heating system is at the core of Elf Bar products, but the brand is best known for creating an array of colourful, flavourful disposables.

Design and Handling (Winner: Vont To-Go)


Vont To-Go is a pre-filled disposable vape, whereas Elf Bar 600 is a disposable pod kit.

Vont To-Go comes with a sleek, featureless exterior. The body of the device is a cylinder that slopes into a flat, ergonomic mouthpiece. The body and the mouthpiece are separated by a seam that marks the barrier between two colours: the white body and the block-colour mouthpiece. The colours do not necessarily correspond to the flavour profile. Creamy Strawberry features a pretty, light pink mouthpiece, but Sweet Mango is a light, creamy colour.

This device does not contain any buttons or LED lights. It is draw-activated, which means you can simply inhale, and enjoy immense flavours.

Elf Bar 600 shares a lot of the same design features. The body is cylindrical, but rather than sloping into a mouthpiece it stops at a definite seam. The mouthpiece is short, rectangular, and has a sleek black appearance.

This brand favours far bolder colours. You can choose from electric blue, vibrant green, and sunshine yellow exteriors. The colours correspond to the flavours profile inside, which means that you can easily differentiate between your disposables. Like To-Go, Elf Bar 600 is a draw-activated device.

Conclusion: Both devices are designed with user experience in mind, but Vont To-Go features a cool sloped design that ties the minimalist elements together. Both devices feature a draw-activated element, which makes them perfect for people who want to start vaping as soon as possible.

Puffs (Winner: Vont To-Go)

Disposables come pre-filled and pre-charged. Once the battery and e-liquid both run out, the device can no longer be used. Because of this, lots of people who prefer disposable vapes pay close attention to the puff count.

Do not be fooled by the minimalist appearance of Vont To-Go. This sleek device promises up to 800 puffs, which is more than the average disposable device. 800 puffs are equivalent to more than three packs of traditional cigarettes, which means that you can enjoy the same nicotine hit for far less.

True to its name, Elf Bar 600 promises up to 600 puffs. Of course, we can’t predict exactly how many puffs you will get out of these devices. Everyone has a different style of vaping. Things like draw style and draw length can impact the overall number of puffs.

Conclusion: Vont To-Go stands apart from other disposable devices because it has a much higher puff count than you might expect.

Flavour (Winner: Vont To-Go)


Winner Vont To-Go

In the world of vaping, flavours reign supreme. Some disposable brands offer a select range of just a few flavours, whereas others have dozens and dozens of flavours to choose from.

Vont To-Go comes with a nice medium-size range of flavours. Far from the brands that only offer two or three flavours, Vont fills its disposable devices with ten taste sensations. The range includes everything from traditional to summery flavour profiles. You can indulge in Creamy Tobacco, reinvigorate your tastebuds with Fresh Mint, and enjoy the sweet sensation of Juicy Berry.

Elf Bar 600 has a much wider range of flavours. You can choose from an astounding 30 choices. Fruity flavours dominate this range, so you can expect classics like Cherry and Watermelon as well as more unusual options like Grape. Elf Bar goes one step further and includes ice, drink, and dessert options. Pink Lemonade, Lemon Tart, and Peach Ice are just a few of the sensations up for grabs when you choose this device.

Conclusion: Elf Bar 600 cinches the win because it has more flavours to choose from. Vont To-Go’s flavours are no less satisfying, but they are catered towards people who prefer recognisable tastes.

Nicotine Strength (Winner: Draw)

Nicotine strength can make or break your vape experience. If you choose the wrong strength you could experience an unsatisfying hit or, even worse, headaches and nausea.

Both Vont To-Go and Elf Bar 600 contain 2ml of e-liquid. You can choose from a 0mg or 20mg of nicotine for both devices. These options leave little room for experimentation or gradual strength increases, but they are perfect for people who enjoy either side of the spectrum.

Conclusion: This round is a draw because Vont To-Go and Elf Bar 600 offer the same nicotine strength options.

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