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Can I Bring A Nicotine Pouch On An Airplane?

Recap: Unlike vapes and cigarettes, nicotine pouches are clean products that produce no smoke, smell, or ash. You can carry them on airplanes in any type of baggage – checked or hand-carry or both.

Nicotine pouches offer several advantages over vapes and cigarettes. They are one incredible tobacco-less product that doesn’t require smoking, spitting, chewing, or ashtrays. They leave no lingering odours, and you can use them while sitting with the family. No one will be affected by your using them except you. Even better, using nicotine pouches does not restrict you to non-smoking areas.

There are many perks to nicotine pouches. But can you carry them while traveling? Is it safe to board a flight with nicotine pouches? You know that there are liquid restrictions on carrying e-liquids on an airplane – they cannot exceed the upper limit of 100ml and must be packed and sealed safely in a 1-liter transparent plastic bag when going through security.

If you’re new to the pouches and are traveling soon, you might ask yourself: can I bring a nicotine pouch on an airplane? Here’s what we found to be generally true.

Can I bring a nicotine pouch on an airplane?

Unlike vapes and cigarettes, ****nicotine pouches are tobacco-less and produce no smoke, smell, spit, or ash (read our guide on Nicotine Pouches here). They are clean products that don’t affect your surroundings or people sitting close to you. These pouches are ideal for many who prefer to use nicotine discreetly. Because of these traits, nicotine pouches are safe to carry on board planes.

You can either pack them in your checked luggage or carry them in your handbag, pocket, or hand-carry luggage. Also, since nicotine pouches are tobacco-less, you need not worry about following tobacco import restrictions.

Please know that rules and regulations can differ across countries and airlines. Also, guidelines are subject to regular review and may change anytime.  It’s thus advisable to check every time you travel.

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Choosing nicotine pouches instead of vapes and cigarettes for airplanes and airports

You aren’t allowed to smoke or vape onboard the plane. But the no-smoking, no-vaping zone isn’t limited to the fight only. Most airports don’t allow smoking or vaping within secure areas close to the plane. Many airports are now becoming smokeless. For example, London’s Heathrow airport doesn’t permit smoking anywhere after you’ve passed through security. And smoke-permitting spaces before entering the terminal are scarce and limited.

For these reasons, even if you’re not a big fan of using nicotine pouches, it is highly recommended that you carry them with you. That allows you have one way of quenching your nicotine cravings even when you still have several hours of traveling left.

Nicotine pouches come in varying nicotine strengths and flavours and have a good shelf life. The tobacco-free nicotine brand Vont offers two nicotine strengths of 4mg and 6mg in three different flavours: Juicy Berry, Fresh Mint, and Sweet Melon.

VOnt’s nicotine pouches