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2022 UK Snus Guide

Recap: Snus is a popular smokeless tobacco product that originates from Sweden. Consumers place the pouch between their lips and gums to enjoy a hassle-free nicotine kick.

Hailed as the easiest way to ingest nicotine, snus pouches have never been more popular. People all over the globe have been using snus for years. The small, compact pouches appeal to nicotine consumers who do not want to spend hours maintaining their vape kits. Busy individuals can simply place the pouch against their gums and go about their day-to-day lives.

Despite being so popular, snus is often misunderstood. In this article, our experts answer all your burning questions about snus. We delve into where it originated, how it works, and which nicotine strength you should choose.

What Is Snus?

Snus, pronounced ‘snoos’, is an oral tobacco product. Manufacturers put tobacco leaves in a small solid pouch to create snus. Snus pouches can be either transparent or solid white.

It is an alternative to smoking, dipping, or chewing tobacco. It is at the epicentre of the recent popularity of smokeless tobacco products. People do not have to burn or smoke the product to get their nicotine hit. Snus users simply place the pouch in between their gums and teeth. The mucous membrane over the gums absorbs the nicotine in the tobacco leaves.

The tobacco leaves are usually accompanied by sodium carbonate and water. Sodium carbonate is a common food additive. When paired with tobacco, sodium carbonate increases the pH of the mixture. As a result, the nicotine in the tobacco leaves is more bioavailable, meaning people can absorb far more of it.

Since snus entered the market, it has been characterised by a small, circular box. Most manufacturers sell this product in boxes of five or more. The most popular boxes contain 30 pouches. Snus is steam-pasteurised, meaning there is little chance of bacteria growing in the box.

Where Did Snus Originate?

Making Snus

You might be surprised to learn that snus originated in Sweden. The snus that we know today has a rich history that dates as far back as the early 1800s. Before that, the dry variety of snus (called snuff) dates as far back as the late 1400s.

When Columbus set foot on the island of Hispaniola (now known as Haiti), the natives gave him the gift of snuff. At this time, snuff was simply dried tobacco leaves, but the gift was valuable nonetheless. Back then, people inhaled the leaves through their noses. Seamen transported tobacco plants to Europe, where snuff became very popular.

By the 1560s, even Queen Catherine de Medici was inhaling snuff to cure the common headache. Snuff soon became popular in French court circles, which caused a ripple effect. A few years later, almost all European courts were using snuff.

For the next two hundred years, snuff had a rocky history. It fell in and out of favour until Swedish consumers started putting a bit of snuff between their teeth and lips in the early 1800s. Snus as we know it today was born. Popular Swedish manufacturers from this time include Petter Swartz, J.A. Boman, and Ettan, Ljunglöfs Ettan.

Between 1846 and 1930, around one million Swedish people emigrated to America. By then, snus was so ingrained in Swedish culture that it became a moniker for roads and areas that were inhabited by Swedes. Locals referred to these areas as snus boulevards.

7,000 tons of snus were sold in 1919. It was fast becoming the main source of nicotine consumption in Sweden, that is until cigarettes were introduced. Snus regained its popularity in the 1970s when the small, portioned pouches became readily available.

How Do I Use Snus?

Snus is one of the quickest, easiest ways to consume nicotine. Consumers do not have to burn or smoke the product to get the hit that they are craving. They can simply place the pouch between their lip and gums.

The mucous membrane that covers the gums absorbs the nicotine in the tobacco leaves. This process is quick; users can expect to feel a nicotine kick after five minutes. Most snus users report feeling a tingling sensation. This sensation will last for as long as the membrane absorbs nicotine, which can be anywhere from five to 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, the membrane will have absorbed most if not all of the nicotine from the pouch.

How Often Should I Use Snus?

Most people use snus pouches whenever they have a nicotine craving. This might be every hour or every few hours.

It is not advisable to double the dose. If you try to put two pouches between your lips and gums at the same time you might become sick.

How Often Should Beginners Use Snus?

Using Snus

There is no definite answer to this question. Beginner and intermediate consumers have to be careful not to consume too much nicotine at once. Consuming too much nicotine can lead to dizziness and sickness.

Complete beginners should consider choosing a lower nicotine strength. The lower the nicotine strength, the better their bodies will react to the introduction of nicotine. Nicotine is a strong substance, which means that people should not consume large amounts all at once.

Once beginners have their snus pouches, they should place one between their lips and gums. Instead of leaving the pouch for an hour like a seasoned consumer might, beginners should take it out after 15 minutes. Then, they can increase the time frame until they can comfortably leave the pouch in their mouths for an hour.

How Long Does a Box of Snus Last?

Lots of snus containers come with 30 or more pouches. 30 pouches can last even the most experienced consumer a few days.

Each pouch lasts for around an hour.

How Do I Dispose of Snus?

It is a common misconception that snus pouches can be swallowed.

You must never swallow snus pouches. The nicotine hit will usually subside after 60 minutes, at which point you should remove the pouch from your mouth and throw it in the bin.

Does Snus Contain Tobacco?

Yes, snus contains tobacco leaves. Tobacco leaves contain nicotine, which creates the buzz that consumers are looking for.

Who Is Snus For?

Snus is for anyone who prefers smokeless tobacco products. It is an alternative to cigarettes, vape kits, and even chewing tobacco. It is the ultimate no fuss, no mess, and no maintenance tobacco product.

There is no definite audience for snus because it attracts people from every walk of life. Busy business people, time-crunched teachers, and young professionals love this smokeless tobacco product. They all have one thing in common; they want an unobtrusive way to get their nicotine hit.

With snus, consumers do not have to worry about yellow fingers. They can also separate their private and public lives by enjoying nicotine in an unobtrusive way. Lots of people do not like the glances that come with smoking in public. With snus, they do not have to worry about any of that.

These pouches are even a popular alternative to vape kits. The same popularity that has pushed vape kits into mainstream consciousness has made them inaccessible to a lot of consumers. There are so many different kits, mods, and customisable options to choose from that a lot of consumers get decision paralysis. And when vapers do get their kits, they have to contend with customisable buttons, coils that burn out, and tanks that need to be refilled every other day.

Snus does not have any of these problems. It is a simple, accessible product that promises an intense nicotine hit.

Snus Nicotine Strengths

Nicotine pouch box

As with any nicotine product, it is important to consider which strength suits your needs.

In pouches, nicotine strength is measured in mg/pouch. Luckily for snus users, the nicotine strength in pouches is much easier to calculate than the nicotine strength in e liquids.

Nicotine strengths range from 0mg/pouch to 20mg/pouch, but which one is right for you?

0mg Snus Pouch

It is no surprise that a 0mg/pouch of snus contains no nicotine. This kind of pouch might seem pointless, but it does have its place. It is perfect for people who are transitioning away from nicotine. Lots of nicotine consumers miss the feeling of the product that they use as much as the nicotine kick itself. By using a 0mg product, they can enjoy a familiar sensation while they transition away from high doses of nicotine.

3mg Snus Pouch

This is one of the smallest variations of nicotine on the market. 3mg pouches are made for beginners who want to start small. 3mg pouches provide consumers with a small hit.

We recommend 3mg pouches for people who want to acclimatise to the sensation of nicotine and those who want to reduce their dosage.

6mg Snus Pouch

6mg pouches promise a small but definite kick. 6mg is smaller than the typical amount of nicotine that is found in a cigarette. If you are transitioning from cigarettes to smokeless tobacco, you might feel unsatisfied with 6mg nicotine strength pouches.

This is a favourite amongst people who do not want to commit to stronger strengths. It is also a popular choice for consumers who are moving away from 3mg pouches and onto stronger strengths.

12mg Snus Pouch

Most cigarettes contain between 10 to 12mg of nicotine, which means that this is the go-to option for ex-smokers. Lots of people report that this level of nicotine is similar to that of a cigarette.

In the UK, the maximum amount of nicotine strength per product is 20ml or 20mg. 12mg snus pouches contain just over half the legal maximum amount of nicotine.

20mg Snus Pouch

This is the highest concentration of nicotine that is available.

20mg pouches deliver an intense nicotine hit. This level of nicotine is reserved for people who used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. They can expect the same level of nicotine from this product.

Is Snus Legal in the UK?


Although it is not illegal to own and consume snus, retailers cannot legally sell snus in the UK. In 1985, the World Health Organisation branded snus as carcinogenic. Following on from that, in 1992 the UK banned oral tobacco products under The Tobacco for Oral Use (Safety) Regulations.

Despite this, snus fans can enjoy a similar experience with nicotine pouches.

Snus Alternative: Nicotine Pouches

Vape manufacturers are a creative and innovative bunch. When snus pouches were banned in the UK, they acted fast to create a replacement.

Nicotine pouches are the closest thing to snus that you will find in the UK. They look a lot like snus pouches and function in the same way. They have either a translucent or block white exterior and are often sold in small, circular containers.

Manufacturers extract nicotine from tobacco plants and discard the plant. The main difference between snus and nicotine pouches is that pouches contain no tobacco. Nicotine pouches contain nicotine in its purest form. The nicotine is usually accompanied by fillers (plant fibres or gum base) and flavourings.

Like snus pouches, nicotine pouches slot between the lip and the gums. The mucous membrane that covers the gums will absorb the nicotine.

Discover Vont Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine Pouches

At Vont, we create streamlined smokeless tobacco products for every tastebud.

Our customers can enjoy the traditional taste of Fresh Mint, or tantalise their tastebuds with the exotic taste of Sweet Melon. For something a little bit different, we recommend Juicy Berry. It is a popular choice for people who want to close their eyes and think of the sweet sensations of summer.

Our pouches range from 4mg to 6mg. We recommend these nicotine strengths for beginners who want to experiment with strengths and seasoned vapers who appreciate the interplay between nicotine and flavour.

Customers can purchase a small, slimline container that has between one and 30 pouches. The more pouches you order, the less you pay per pouch.